Yoga For Young Couples

Namaskar I am- welcome to pan and yoga kappa yog ax capella yoga or partners yoga is a wonderful way to reconnect with each other it also helps you to have closeness in the relationship you will find two different types of we use in the set in some posts you both will be performing one acid together or in some posts one partner is performing in arson. And the other partner is supporting just try this out and feel the difference in your body as well as your relationships John Harrison you can have a wonderful stretch for your side and for the back when you’re doing John Watson with your partner they’re doing slight variation in traditional generosity so when this would the partners sit in such a way that the opposite feet are touching each other then you take the hands in front.

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So, if it’s my left leg my left hand is externally its right leg for her so right leg is extra to take the other hand half from behind opening the chest I try to catch. And then with the support you can open the chest more this is the first variation wherein it’s helping your sides. And then once you’re comfortable maintain as long as you want. And then slowly go into the garnishee Russell well she now pulls me. So that I can go move down I believe here for a few seconds. And then I pull her that she can go down three bones there was a few seconds like this you can repeat one more time just pulling me allowing me to go more experience in the stretch let’s enjoy the effect of this awesome with your partner. And then do it for the other levels.

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