Yoga for Women

Women practice yoga for a myriad of reasons. Some women discover yoga during pregnancy; others ease into yoga because of menstrual discomfort or for physical as well as spiritual comfort during menopause. There are women who have turned to yoga during traumatic life changes and regard it in a healing light. But the majority of women who do yoga, no matter what their age, practice yoga for personal health or enjoyment. Yoga is the perfect catalyst for harmonizing their body, mind, and spirit.


Prenatal yoga utilizes a style of yoga that differs from regular yoga.

There are specific poses for pregnancy, and ones to be avoided.

Yoga can aid some of the discomfort associated with femal cycles, from menses to menopause.

With hormonal changes and the decrease of estrogen, women can experience mood shits, depression, and bone deterioration. Yoga is a good companion to combat these unwelcome changes.

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