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Namaskar and maybe that and welcome to Anand Yoga Yoga for women in this course I’m showing you arson specially for women into menopause straight or having menstrual pain or having irregular or absent periods, if you are currently having periods menstrual periods then please don’t do standing arsons or inverted positions, if you don’t suffer from any of this problem then please check out the poses from general yoga level 1 level 2 and level 3 sheersh- Asana Saracen is also known as king of the Asana for the various benefits that it can provide through bowing sheersh- Asana you sit on first in which Rasim then interlock the fingers and place the forearms on the ground in front of you then raise the toast inside. And come on the heels lock the chin closer to the chest and rest the crown of the head on the ground and from here first just raise both the legs up from the knees start walking closer.

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And then slowly lift the legs now you know you’re completely supported with the ball then start taking the legs up further up. And then just straighten the legs in such a way that the heels pressed on the wall can close your eyes. And just enjoy this position. Because you don’t have to worry about the balance as you’re supported at the body allow the blood flow to go towards the head it will improve the health of various glands like the vegetarians opinion the tyro. And the parent for I’d this arson is highly recommended to avoid menstrual problems or to fewer them then when you feel like coming out slowly bend the legs in the knees and let the feet touch the wall and let the heat come closer to your body then from here bring the knees closer to your body. And then drop the toes on the ground slide the legs back press the knees on the ground don’t immediately take the head up. But just rest in watch Rossen with the half head in front so slowly drop the pad extra let the head remain on the ground. And this relaxed in this position for some time you never sit up directly after such arson you rest in this position. And now slowly sit up.

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