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Hello I’m Debra unhealthy lifestyle caused me to pack on the pounds. And it led to chronic health issues also as we age Zoomer metabolisms are naturally slowing down some of us become less active. So we just aren’t burning the calories like before after discovering the benefits of gentle yoga and losing 60 pounds I developed a yoga practice that will help you win the battle of the Bulge it is specifically designed for people who are out of shape and or living with a chronic condition a simple warm-up will get our systems heated up then we’ll release tension in the belly organs and stoke our digestive fires after that will engage the thyroid a gland that governs metabolism we also flush the intestines of unwanted toxins these poses are deceptively easy whether you do the whole series with me or, if you’re busy just one or two poses you’ll be amazed by how effective they are let’s start the healing joining me Daniel and Lynette who are both looking for some solutions that are easy and feel-good to lose weight we’re going to begin with sundberg we come to Tad Asana the Mountain Pose the feet are maybe hip-width apart maybe a little bit wider and we’re taking our heels out and our toes in there’s a bit of an inner spiral going on with the upper leg bones maybe a bit of a micro bend in the knees we want to balance out what’s going on with the feet find that center line of the feet. And then come back on the heels come back on the heels fill yourself supported by your spine and engage the muscles of the legs engage the muscles of the legs press down into the heels lift the toes up spread the toes apart.

And then let them come down now let the pelvis get strong squeeze like a girdle engage the glutes feel the spine lifting opening the heart collarbones broadening shoulder blades coming together and down the heads of the arm bones coming back so we’ve got lots of room for breath to come in lengthening the back of the neck bringing the head back into alignment. And we’ll begin to inhale the arms out and up fingers touch at the top of the in-breath. And we exhale hands back to heart center inhaling arms out and up lifting the ribs off of the pelvis exhaling the hands back to Center let the out-breath be complete and pause for a moment inhaling arms out and up really making space in the waist in the middle part. And then exhaling hands to heart now inhale moving the arms out and up active fingers spread the fingers nice and wide exhale hands to heart come back on the heels energize the legs energize the pelvis inhale out and up feel the heat beginning to rise exhale hands to heart inhaling feeling the fires getting hotter touching at the top of the in-breath exhaling hands to heart inhaling exhaling hands to heart Sun breasts are an excellent way to raise our internal temperature we’re using our arms to create more space in the lungs bringing more oxygen into our system that is firing up the third chakra the chakra that governs our digestive fires please continue to enjoy the Sun breasts for the next few moments. And we’ll be back to continue Yoga for weight loss healing problems my name is Daniel I have been trying to achieve my ideal weight for the last 20 years this has been a bit difficult. Because my job involves a lot of traveling eating out being away from home the importance of reaching your ideal gain is that as you age being overweight impacts different levels cholesterol sugar levels. And the like I have tried to eat healthy. But really I think my challenge is getting a little bit more exercise and my daughters do yoga feel and look wonderful and they said dad maybe you should try yoga as an initiative to start getting to your ideal weight welcome back in this practice we’ve been dealing with weight loss and Daniel has two daughters who are doing yoga. And you’re seeing some great results with your daughters and their yoga practice aren’t you Daniel they’re the perfect weight. But they said that you know yoga may help you get to your ideal weight fantastic we’re gonna take gate pose now. So let’s come down onto the knees and we’re gonna secure our left knee down we’re gonna ground out through the left knee.

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And then we’ll take the right leg out to the side maybe the leg is bent or maybe it’s a little bit long and we’re just gonna ground down here and see, if we can stabilize the pelvis stabilize the legs. And then we’ll take the right arm up lifting right arm is coming up and lifting making space here on the side waist. And then we’re gonna exhale bring the hand back down. And then we’ll just let this hand rest on the outside of the leg the other arm is gonna come up. And we’ll make a little bit of space here we’re gonna take a couple of breaths here really working on this idea of moving the ribs out and up and away from the top of the hip long slow smooth and breaths long slow smooth out breaths fingers are nice and strong and active letting the out breast be complete feeling the belly come to the front spine. And then the in-breath is going to fill up, if after a couple of breath cycles you feel like you’d like to come a little bit deeper into the pose and move your hand down your leg a little bit more maybe that would feel good, if there’s any pain come back we do less. And then we bring the left arm back down. And we switch sides. So the right knee comes back to the floor.

And then the left leg comes out maybe long this leg might be different maybe you’ve got some injuries that you’ve dealt with on the other side. And this is a different pose for you just see what feels good and allow yourself to inhale the left arm up left arm is coming up we’re making a little bit of space on the left side of the ribs. And then exhale the left arm back down stabilize on that right knee. And then inhale the right arm up opening the armpit opening the side ribs let’s stay here for a couple of breaths we’re making a lot of space deep inside the belly the third chakra this is governing all of our digestive processing so we’ve got this wonderful opening of space lots of breath coming in loss of oxygen coming in really stoking up the digestive fires and we’re also getting a wonderful opening through the shoulder we’re spreading the fingers nice and wide and we’re connecting this energy from the belly all the way through to the fingers long slow smooth and complete out breaths maybe pausing for just a moment and join that pause. And then feeling the in-breath come in feel how nourishing those in breasts are after you make them wait at the front door for a few moments then we’ll let the right hand come back down. And then the left leg will come back. And then we’re gonna be taking bhastrika this Breath of Fire next. So let’s come to standing. And we’ll come into Tad Asana. So the heels are coming out the toes are coming in and maybe grounding through the heels feeling a little bit of an inner spiral of the upper leg bones right an outer spiral of the upper arm bones broadening through the collar bones this is all about getting more oxygen into ourselves we’re aligning ourselves with gravity here now bhastrika is the Breath of Fire it’s like a dog panting.

So we just begin to work with the belly. So that we can get the digestive fires burning a lot more brightly at the end of the practice you may feel like you need to wipe yourself off. And you haven’t even gone anywhere. So let’s give this a try. And then when you run out of steam you just stop catch your breath. And then go back and maybe three rounds doing as many rounds as you can doing as many of these breaths as you can. And just feeling heat building up feeling some kind of shifts going on deep inside the belly we’re moving a lot of energy here getting things warmer and warmer. And then we’ll release. And we’ll let go coming back to Tad Asana just feeling what happened there please continue to enjoy bhastrika de bellas breath breath of fire. And we’ll be back in a few moments for more work with yoga for weight loss healing yoga yoga for real people with real problems every morning squeeze a whole lemon into a glass of room-temperature water and drink it this can alkalize the body expel toxins and enhance your metabolism welcome back we have been working our practice around weight loss and there are so many wonderful things that yoga can do very simple things that will help us bring the body back into balance we are incredible self-healing organisms our body is always trying to heal itself and so when we give ourselves these wonderful gentle poses we can accelerate weight loss.

And it’s just so easy we’re gonna be taking bridge pose. And we begin bridge line down on our back the heels are out. And the toes are in. And the knees are sort of rocking in towards the midline there’s a bit of an inner spiral of the femurs that’s creating more space for the SI joints supporting the sacrum supporting the whole spine now we’ll take the shoulder blades. And we’ll move the shoulder blades down the back and in behind the heart. So the heart has a wonderful little platform to rest on. And the chest is nice and open now we’re gonna press the feet down into the ground and lift the pelvis coming up very slowly very mindfully squeezing everything on the back line of the body taking a couple of long slow smooth and breasts long slow smooth out breaths lengthening the back of the neck letting the chin come down towards the jugular notch between the collarbones and, if you are having any trouble with this pose there’s always the restorative. And the gentle version that we just use a blanket or a bolster or anything towel and put it underneath the sacrum supporting the sacrum right underneath the waist. And then you can just rest yourself here Lynette. And then one variation that might feel really wonderful is to take one leg out long. And then see how that feels we got all this space that’s created on the front on the hip deep underneath the belly organs that so as it’s starting to stretch out bend this knee. And then this leg comes along see how that feels maybe there’s a difference between the right. And the left side this is a wonderful way to get some balance going on here. And then maybe Ben the need back heels out toes in as you can see there’s a lot of energy that’s travelling down to the base of the throat this is where the thyroid. And the parathyroid are these glands govern our metabolism and, if we can bring some squeezing and openness here we can reset our metabolism very easily.

So, if you’re ready to come down let yourself come down very gently Daniel just vertebra by vertebra. And just come back down I’m gonna remove this support here for you Lynette. And then you can just gently come down and rest there’s a wonderful pose that we can do after bridge called fish. And the fish pose is going to open up the thyroid. And the parathyroid so we’ve squeezed and moved out all kinds of old energy. And now we’re going to be opening up by coming into this wonderful backbend for the upper part of the back. And the neck we take these shoulder blades move them down the back in behind the heart and bend the arms. So that the forearms are resting on the ground legs come out long. And then press your forearms down into press your forearms down into the floor press your palms down into the floor open up the front of the chest and take a few breaths you can find that place of comfort / discomfort and breathe into that boundary maybe the boundary will move or, if you’re in that pain zone come back stop rest recover all right we’re working with the fifth chakra in the bridge. And the fish we’re closing the fifth chakra we’re moving out all kinds of toxins. And then we’re opening up this is the area where purification happens the thyroid the parathyroid were purifying the body we’re purifying the mind. And this is a wonderful pose to activate the weight loss activities of the metabolism. So we’re gonna be moving into a supine twist allow yourself to come back very gently from fish and rest bend the knees one at a time. And then roll over and rest. And then when you’re ready you can take the top arm hand you can come that way yep you can take the top arm hand press it down into the ground come up on the opposite elbow. And come up now we’re gonna be using a bolster at home you could also be using a blanket rolled up or some towels we come to the side hip right up against the short edge of the bolster. And we are going to get nice and long on the front of the spine on the in-breath.

And then we’re going to exhale and spin on the axis of the spine. So the hands come on either side of the bolster we inhale and lift and lengthen again. And then we exhale. And we come down. And we rest you can have your face pointing the same direction as your knees or, if your spine your neck is very flexible then you can just turn around to the opposite side does that feel good awesome you can just rest your head there yes. So the supine twist is a wonderful way to get deep into the belly organs we’re ringing everything out in the third chakra the fires are here sometimes there’s a little bit of clogging in the large intestine. So these very gentle twist can help peristaltic movement begin and we’re gonna start to process all kinds of old wastes and toxins here we take a long slow smooth in-breath. And we fill up the backs of the lungs this is where a lot of air sacs the highest density of air sacs exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide are located, if you’re feeling any pinch enos in the low back you can always move the bottom hip away from the shortage of the bolster let your arms come out to a comfortable place are you not comfortable here yes you can just stay here let your arms come out to a comfortable place and rest and surrender, if you need to make any adjustments on your legs feel free to do that we’re getting a wonderful visceral massage with these gentle twists the liver the gallbladder very important organs for detoxification and weight loss they’re getting run out this spleen the stomach the descending colon also getting a wonderful wringing out. And this is fantastic practice for losing weight encouraging the body to come back to its natural healing to come back to its natural weight let the out breasts be complete feel the belly come to the front spine inhale and feel the ribs open out and up now please continue to go on to the other side when you are ready. And we will be back to cool down and move into our tranquility pose when we’re back in few moments Healing Yoga Yoga for real people with real problems welcome back in this weight loss practice we’ve done a lot we’ve been creating space in the belly we’ve been stoking the fires of digestion in the third chakra we’ve also been releasing some tension.

And some old toxins and purifying by concentrating on the fifth chakra at the base of the throat the thyroid the parathyroid we’ve massage the belly given ourselves a wonderful visceral massage with these tip line twists. And now we’re gonna start to cool things off and relax relaxing is one of the most important things that we can do for ourselves in a weight loss practice. So we’re gonna be coming in to soup to baddha kon Asana. And we are supporting the knees and supporting the back with a couple of supports we’ve got a blanket here folded up for Linette. So we just get the support right up to the low back. And then we use the hands to support us as we come down we let ourselves down easy and one knee comes along. And then the other knee comes along we’re gonna actually bend the knees I’m gonna take another support put it under here the legs let go the knees are bent the soles of the feet are together and maybe, if there’s any pinch enos in the low back we bring the pelvis away from the bottom of the ribs the upper arms are rotating externally the palms are facing the sky we let go of ourselves look over the eyes we let go off the eyebrows we let go of the jaws. And we just rest now just think about where the eyes are right now maybe you’d like to point your eyes down to where the top eyelashes in the bottom eyelashes meet and notice that when you inhale the eyes want to come up behind your closed eyelids so see, if you can resist that tendency and keep the eyes low long slow smooth in breaths and long slow smooth and complete out breaths maybe pausing at the end of the complete out-breath here feeling this wonderful sense of release deep in the belly for creating space and we’re allowing all of this wonderful work that we’ve done to settle into all of the selves we’ve cultivated a lot of product a lot of vitality in the belly organs and for a weight loss practice this is fantastic now you can continue to rest here in this pose or you could just remove your supports and lie down on the floor. And enjoy the tranquility pose thank you so much for joining us. And we’ll see you again at healing yoga you.

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