Yoga For Thyroid Part 2

Namaskar and devi that and welcome to anand over yoga for thyroid thyroid gland is a very important land in your body it checks your body metabolism it checks your body energy levels. And it also is important for using the other hormones produced by other glands, if the thyroid gland is not functioning properly then you might face hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism this set of asin’s will help you to cure or prevent any problems arising due to improper functioning of thyroid line Jeeva under the tongue lock this is a complementary practice to see how mudra always done after Co mudra this practice improves the blood circulation in the thyroid. And the parathyroid region the throat region thereby improving the health of these glands.

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So you do this mudra you sit comfortably either on the ground in cross leg position of the bag mass in fat muscle or just sit on the chair with the back erect your hands the paths are on the knees then with the mouth closed you’re touching the tip of the tongue the root of the top teeth. And the sides of the tongue that is the root with the side teeth or the gun then keeping the touch intact that is the full tongue is touching your upper palate the soft. And the hard palate keeping the touch intact is slowly open your mouth. So you get a good lock of the tongue and a stretch for the throat then you take the chin slightly up and close your eyes remember don’t open the breath keep on breathing with your nose first touch the tongue to the upper palate with a tip of the tongue touching the root of the upper teeth it gives a wonderful stretch to your clothes remember, if you want to learn it properly you can do this practice in front of a mirror wherein you can soon see yourself where they are getting it right or not you.

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