Yoga For Those Suffering From Thyroid

Namaskar and davey that and welcome to anand yoga yoga for thyroid thyroid gland is a very important land in your body it checks your body metabolism it checks your body energy levels. And it also is important for using the other hormones produced by other glands, if the thyroid gland is not functioning properly then you might face hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism this set of our sins will help you to cure or prevent any problems arising due to improper functioning of thyroid line sahaja would jayaprada this is a simpler version of traditional hood chakra line without any combo.

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And without any pandas sahaja yogi I plan and will help you to cure all the throat problems as well as the thyroid problems in this plan I on when you breathe in and breathe out you are making a contraction of the throat whereby you’re clearing an obstacle for breathing in and breathing out. So you produce a whistling sound or a friction sound through the throat to get the sound proper initially you can practice it with your mouth open in this way yo you will learn how to contract the throat muscles the same procedure is used when you are doing the inhalation and exhalation through the moves by doing this you’re making your breathing in and breathing out difficult. So this improves the normal breathing indeedly life so do this plan I am you sit comfortably in cross leg position or a tepid mass in. But master to form the Padma mudra right palm or the left and keep it touching your body on the legs then you close your eyes. And you start inhaling with the contraction in your throat just be aware of the calmness that receive after doing this prana a very soothing sound comes from the throat then you rub the bond with them on your eyes.

And then you open your eyes you can do this brown I am for six rounds 12 rounds or in minutes two minutes up to five minutes.

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