Yoga for the Traveler

On the road again? Nothing interrupts a routine more than travel, unless it’s for pleasure. It’s one thing to go to St. Lucia to snorkel and soak up some rays and quite another to go to St. Louis for a meeting. Admittedly, when you are sprawled under a palm tree sipping pina coladas, yoga may not be necessary. But if you’re one of the millions who flies for business and spends an inordinate amount of your day sandwiched in an airplane seat or stranded in a passenger terminal, threading yoga into your itinerary can ease travel tension.

Yoga helps the body adjust to the rigors of travel, both physically and emotionally. Start basic, with your breath. The Three-Part Breathing technique (see page 43) can be done anywhere. You may not have any control over delayed flights or crowded planes, but you do have some say over your breath.

And any chance you get to move around and stretch your legs during a flight will help your circulation.

So now you’re sitting on the run-way, shoulder-to-shoulder with two strangers, stuck in the middle seat. You question if it is viable to practice yoga in such a tiny space. After all, you’re accustomed to doing yoga in a cozy studio with people you know or at home with soft lights and silence.

Yoga makes all things possible. Wherever you are, begin by centering yourself with your breath.

Put your feet flat on the floor and your hands on your lap. Close your eyes. Let’s do some airport asana.

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