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Before start your practice take 1 yoga belt or strap to begin stayin in summer steady position now interlock your finger while inhale slowly lift your hands toward ceiling as far as you comfortably can hold the pose for 30 to 60 second then slowly lower them back repeat it three to five times very smooth stress never force yourself now be ready for next asthma namaste stretch hold your hands together in namaste position makes your your hands are creating a triangle like say from below now bring your hands down slowly and form a straight line with your hands folded do this five to six time Norma defy Planck against wall pose stain facing a wall about two three feet away from it now extended your arms until your palms are against the wall shoulder width apart and shoulder high keep your arm straight then lean forward the wall.

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And push against it for 30 to 60 second you can also bend your elbow and placing four arms against the wall pause for a count of two engage your abdominal stay as comfort as possible now again strengthen your arms. And come back repeat 8 2 to 3 times never force yourself now sit in. But rosanna position, if you fail discomfort in this position then place a folded blanket between your heels and butter inhale and wide your knees and I exhale bend forward here trying to stretch your hands palm facing down hold few second here focus on opening of spine and stretching your hands now make your palms facing towards saline.

And again it’s a few moves again here stretch your hands now slowly come back now come in kneeling position place your hands on the mat and make sure your fingers are pointing inwards keep your body straight and elbow to stretch hold for twenty to thirty second here then let it relax repeat eight five two tens time daily now be ready for gomukh Asana sit in sukh Asana position now bring your right arms up towards the ceiling bend the right elbow bringing the right hand down the center of the back bring the left arms out to the left side bend the elbow.

And bring the left arms up the center of the back holes hand behind the back any strange, if they don’t touch you can use a yoga strap or belt or top towel to bridge the gap keep narrowing the gap by working your fingertips toward one another without forcing anything hold as comfort as or five to ten breath here then slowly come out of the pose and repeat it on the other side listen to your body don’t force yourself no be ready for one more hand strange hold your arms out in front of your with the palm facing downwards now get the other hand and place it on top of the hand towards the body should feel a nice stretch in your forearm repeat it on other side hold it for 30 second and let it relax do it several times. And then sit in sukh Asana and be relaxed here.

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