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Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to an endeavor yoga for insomnia insomnia is a state wherein a person finds it difficult to go in for sleep or to stay into a sleep it is caused by various reasons it might be.

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Because of stress anxiety it might be. Because of terminal problems or it might be. Because of problems that you already have like a stoma or high BP the Assen that I am showing you will help you to cure all these causes and thereby cure insomnia but, if you are having specific problem like a stoma and high BP and that’s why the problem of insomnia then also check out the arsons from asthama and high BP or whatever problem you are having hosta bothersome hosta is your hand whether is your feet in this will be bring in the hand to the feet that’s why the name hosta Patterson this also helps the blood flow towards the breathe it will help you to calm down the sympathetic nervous system to go in hosta parson who have comfortable distance in your feet toes pointing straight feet parallel to each each other in this post you’ll be learning mr. Patterson with a variation the variation is the support of the bricks then you take the palms up close hands up parallel to the ground.

And then full up you’re looking at your fingers take a deep breath in and exhaling not only go forward. But also start going down and rest your palms on the bricks you can adjust the position of the bricks either closer to your body or away whatever is comfortable. And then drop the head down to see that your legs are straight and to keep them straight you shift your weight slightly towards the toes and make them perpendicular enjoy this wonderful stretch for the back side of your body and allow the blood to flow towards the head keep breathing the support of the brick are especially for those people who can’t easily touch the hand to the ground.

And then when you feel like coming out you just straighten your body without raising the hands up. So the hands will come by the side of your body automatically. And then relax you.

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