Yoga for Shopping

Yoga can be a great help when we’re dealing with discomfort in the arms. And the shoulders from shopping so before and after your shopping trip it’s a wonderful idea to engage some shoulder shrugs. So we stand strong or you can have a seat grounded firmly through your sit bones an in-breath takes the shoulders up toward the ears squeezing in exhale drop the shoulders down inhale lift squeeze in exhale and do several rounds of these shoulders drugs that will really help release a lot of tension in the upper part of the shoulders in the back. And then also thinking about the arms. And the forearms especially.

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So just taking your hands and lightly palpating before and after you do your shopping just getting in between the two bones of the forearms here and seeing, if you can massage any areas that are feeling very tender using your breath to breed light and spaciousness into the forearms any little nooks and crannies that need a little bit of extra attention use the breath to go in there and do some healing.

And then also stretching the fingers stretching them either one at a time or all at the same time stretching all of the faccia in the palm and that will come down through the wrist into the forearm do both sides a few times and you’ll notice that your shopping trips will be a lot more manageable and Deborah defined for human yoga namaste.

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