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Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to Onondaga yoga for old age this course especially designed for old age people who have not done exercising before or any yoga BC it is designed keeping in mind the limitations of this age as well as the need of this age is tired and feel the difference gee Bob under the tongue lock to go in this window you’re sitting comfortably before doing the bandha you should be able to produce the sound you can produce now just before producing the sound where the tongue is stuck at the upper palate you keep it like that and slowly start opening the mouth it happens such that your whole tongue is touching the soft. And the hard palate. And the tip of the tongue is towards the root of the upper teeth then you close the eyes maintaining that stretch.

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And just enjoy it so try close the eyes and there’s a wonderful stretch for the time you can take the head slightly up open your mouth as much wide as possible keeping the tongue intact breathing is normal.

And then when you feel like coming out just relax the tongue and bring the deep closer just enjoy the effect of this awesome this bandha will help you to stretch that high road and parathyroid gland improves the health. And the functioning of those gland it also massages the carotid artery which helps you to control your blood pressure remember it has to be alternately with C hamura for three times that is C Hamid Rajiv Evander again C ha watashi wa bandha and again cm with Raj Shiva Vanda.

Yoga for Slipped Disc Exercises for Spine and Back Part 2

Are you looking for relief from back pain caused by a herniated disc try yoga the next Asana for herniated discs is upward facing dog as your back feels better you can move into the pose this will help to further reduce or eliminate a herniated disc please remember to consult your physician before starting any new practice, if you are able to do all the poses in the first post without any discomfort then you’re ready for the next come forward drop the belly on to the mat pressing the palms into the ground you can slide the hips forward lifting the chest let the belly relax the hips relax the legs relax only opening the chest breathe here maybe three to five breaths. And then release in each post I’ll be showing a different level of the pose so stay tuned to see the next.

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