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Muscular Energy: The muscles contract and support the bones from Yoga for runners all sides, and connect the limbs into the midline and into the torso, providing stability Yoga for runners and strength. The main current of muscular flow Inner Spiral: This action is an expanding spiral that begins at the feet and moves up the legs to the top of the pelvis.

Its three primary effects are 1 the thighs turn inward, move back, and then spread apart, widening the pelvis; 2 the lower back arches; and 3 the groins soften. Outer Spiral: This spiral begins at the top of the pelvis and moves down around each leg, narrowing as it goes, and ending at the outer edge of the heel. The tailbone lengthens down, the buttocks firm without squeezing too tightly, and the legs turn out just enough to balance the inward turning of Inner Spiral.

The Outer Spiral provides stability and groundedness. Organic Energy: From the Focal Point of the pose, extend energetically down into the Foundation, up through the top of your head, and out through your arms. This principle helps to make the poses more fluid and expansive.

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