Yoga for Relaxation Intro to Viloma Breathing and Childs Pose

Hi I’m Sophie and today we’re going to talk about a few relaxation techniques the first is called voluma breathing this is a three-part breath when you breathe first of all into the bottom section of the lungs then into the midsection. And then into the top section it’s really good for relaxing after a stressful day at work especially, if you can’t sleep the second thing we’re going to talk about is a person with Child’s Pose this is also really relaxed a compose and very good for stretching out the back and hips we’re going to talk about that a little bit more in detail after I’ve shown you the better and breathing. So the best place to do the Bellomo breathing is maybe lying on your sofa or on your bed or perhaps on the floor with a couple of cushions so fall onto your back. And then I like to keep the knees bent here or you can come into super spider commands are taking the soles of the feet together aligned in the ass drop out wide to the side it’s also quite nice here to take a couple of bolsters or cushions underneath the eyes just. So that they’re completely supported them the inner thighs realize you’re going to close your eyes. And just take your hands onto your belly I’m going to take a normal inhale deeply through the nose then just exhale through the mouth buddy then we’re going to start to breed in those three carts.

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So Inhaling through the nose spill the first third of your life then inhaling fill American second third then it help Holly three two one fully exhale through the nose. And then continuing it has the first third of the lungs inhale centered and force inhale completely pause at home five three two one exhale Faline continuing one more round with me in Hell first. So you can just continue like this a few more rounds in your own time oh it’s just 10 to 20 breaths take you before go to sleep or it’s also nice to do this at the end of the more physical yoga practice before you come into each about self only one you’ve done your 10 20 breaths or however many you would like to take gently returning the breath to normal. So we’re now going to come into Child’s Pose so to come to Child’s Pose you’re going up onto all fours. And you’re going to take your knees hip width apart. And the big toes together to touch. And then going to sit the hips all the way back onto the heels relax the forehead down onto the mat of the variations of Child’s Pose you can either stretch the fingertips out in front of you like I am here. And this provides quite a nice stretch on the outside of the side waist.

And also the shoulders however, if you find this uncomfortable it’s also nice to take the hands back. So the thing it’s point towards the back of the room. And the back of the hands are down on the mat now this point as you can see my hips are pretty much down on my heels. But you might be a lot further up here that’s also absolutely fine. And you can also then walk a couple of blocks in between your thighs. And your clubs to make this slightly more comfortable so when you come down here this is a relaxing pose. And it’s also really good pose to do at any point during the posts that are on the blog, if you feel a little bit tired or, if you’re in a class. And you feel a little bit tired it’s also just a nice thing to do again before bed and perhaps practicing the pillow of really that we just talked about the LOC and again when you’ve done 10 to 20 breaths slowly roll yourself all the way up through the spine to open up one vertebrae at a time make your way way back up thank you very much for reading today, if you would like to subscribe you can do so much or, if you don’t haven’t you can do so good.

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