Yoga For Pregnant Women Relieves Fatigue From The Back

Thomas car I am David Earth welcome to manland yoga yoga for pregnancy this set of arsons and pranayams will help you to relax your body and calm down your mind which is very important during your pregnancy this practices will make your muscles flexible.

And toned them. And also will help you to reduce the labor pain the best part of you girls you need not go anywhere you can just do it at your home or throughout your pregnancy paratus on the mountain pose this practice helps you to improve your lung capacity and relieves the fatigue from your back sitting in normal cross leg position you can either have a backrest against a wall or just sit erect, if you can google in this arson you do the Namaskar position in front to start in such a way that your forearms are parallel to the ground now very slowly start taking the hands up and go full up slowly be aware of the movements and once you go full up let the four upper arms comes by the side of yours.

And allow the hands to stretch up close your eyes remember you're doing it as for your capacity after closing your eyes we just concentrate on the breathing coming in going out no force of maintaining for longer time whatever come comfortable for you just do that much. And then you open your eyes and very slowly start coming out bring the hands in a mascot position in front.

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And then drop the hands down.

And this relaxed feel the effect of this practice on your back on your chest on your lungs a wonderful practice to improve the muscles of your back to make them stronger and release the fatigue in your back muscles you.

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