Yoga for Pregnancy Stretch for the Whole Body

Camas car I am livid at welcome to island yoga yoga for pregnancy this set of arsons and pranayams will help you to relax your body and calm down your mind which is very important during your pregnancy this practices will make your muscles flexible and toned them. And also will help you reduce the labor pain the best part of you girls you need not go anywhere you can just do it at your home or throughout your pregnancy the Tantalus on a wonderful Arsen giving stretch to nearly the whole body it makes you feel fresh and energetic immediately after you do this practice to go in this practice your lying down on your back in such a way that legs are as much close as possible towards each other be comfortable in this position now very slowly start taking both the hands up.

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And about the head we’re resting the backside of your paw on the ground. And then stretch the hand slightly upward and finally point the toes down close your eyes. And just enjoy this awesome the feeling in your hands back sides. And the legs remember maintain just ask for your capacity keep the breathing normal. And you feel like coming out you open your eyes release the legs stretch. And then start taking the hands up.

And then you just relax feel the effect of this practice on your whole body it will immediately feel the difference in your back in your legs in your hands it’s wonderful practice and remember one thing when you’re pregnant. And you’re doing a practice always do it just ask for your capacity there is no strict rule of how many breaths you to maintain or how many minutes you to maintain it’s only one rule maintain as per your capacity you.

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