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Camas car I am David at welcome to island yoga yoga for pregnancy this set of arsons and pranayams will help you to relax your body and calm down your mind which is very important during your pregnancy this practices will make your muscles flexible and tone them. And also will help you reduce the labor pain the best part of you guys you need not go anywhere you can just do it at your home or throughout your pregnancy my jerison be cat pose be to go in the sarsen first you’re sitting comfortably either in watch Rosson or just normal position whatever is comforted for you from this position start taking the hands forward.

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And reach the buttocks up this time the hands distance is slightly less than modulus and a is closer to your body now allow the head to drop down and raise the back as much up as possible it’s the opposite movement of Margera’s and a you close the eyes. And just maintain as per your capacity. And when you feel like coming out you first open your eyes and slowly go back and search in modulus and a you’re allowing your lower back to go down and taking the head up. But in Madras and B you’re taking the head down and taking the back up. So this two practices are complementary to each other always done one after another which helps you to improve the flexibility of your back and releases the stress. And the fatigue of your back muscles.

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