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Namaskar I am livid at welcome to Pan and Yoga Yoga for old age this course is specially designed for old age people who are not done exercising before or any yoga BC it is designed keeping in mind the limitations of this age as well as the need of this age aspired and feel the difference kapal Bhati kriya this is one of the kriya from the Kshatriya in this Kriya you are exhaling through the nose constantly pulling the abdomen in the force of the exhalation comes from the movement of the abdomen so to do this Kriya you’re sitting comfortably can do it also sitting on your chair close your eyes.

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And now start exhaling forcefully pulling the a prominent see that the face is not tense is relaxed now as the abdomen goes in the force of the exhalation comes this movement of the abdomen massages the abdominal organs. And then when you feel that you want to start you just relax and be aware how is it feeling the moment of the abdomen also makes the diaphragm flexibility the carbon dioxide is thrown out more.

So that oxygen can enter in your body move just be there relaxed for some time take your time you can do it in different ways you can calculate the arc Kriya in minutes or in strokes like, if you’re going in for strokes or from 15 strokes to about 400-500 strokes, if you’re going in for minutes start with 1 minute about 3-5 minutes. So we’ll just show it once more the speed of the stroke is four second one stroke of four seconds two strokes whatever you are comfortable with don’t force yourself see that his face is very relaxed when he is not cleansing the face time denied he is relaxed I just feel the effect of this practice on your abdomen. And your breathing improves and cleans the nasal passage as I enjoy the effect. And then very slowly open your eyes.

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