Yoga for Old Age Simha Mudra

Namaskar I’m David and welcome to Onondaga yoga for old age this course is specially designed for old age people who have not done exercising before or any yoga BC it is designed keeping in mind the limitations of this age as well as the need of this age let’s try out and feel the difference seeing a mudra the symbol of a lion in this mudra there are three things happening at one go the first is stretching the fingers wide the second is taking a turnout. And the third is making the sound once you have these three things at one go then you open your eyes slightly wide keep the breathing on through the nose.

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And tongue stretch out and maintain astral capacity. So you can start keep the hands straight so now the three things which will happen at one go is clicking the tongue out stretching the fingers and making a sound, if it’s not so easy to make these three things together you can also do it individually to start good now open the eyes mouth tongue is maximum out whatever you can breathing is on to the nose very good this will give a good stretch to your throat your throat glands. And when you feel comfortable when you feel that you want to come out relax the fingers take the tongue in relax the face close your eyes.

And just experience how is it feeling this practice gives a good massage to your thyroid and parathyroid gland and improves their health it also massages the carotid arteries which control or regulate blood pressure the wonderful practice and remember do it with Europe. And the alternative for three times you.

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