Yoga for Heart Health

When we’re working with our heart health it’s. So Important to open and expand the ribcage to give the heart and lungs lots and lots of room and one of the best ways I know to do that is the gate pose. So the gate pose is opposed that’s very simple. But we’re doing it on our knees. So, if you have any knee challenges just put a blanket or a towel underneath your knee having a chair on standby to help keep balance is also a wonderful idea.

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So I’m holding on to the chair with my right hand and letting the opposite leg come long, if you’ve got some discomfort with your leg coming straight this way you can always open things up as well by turning your foot out but, if you can keep your leg long you’ll be able to ground and really feel secure in the lower part of the body then we take a long slow smooth in-breath and raise the arm that we had resting on the chair just feel this wonderful opening up through the intercostal muscles through the armpit we’re going to take a few breasts long slow smooth and complete in and out breaths and you’ll notice that every breath cycle is creating more and more space in between each one of the ribs then we come back down and do the opposite side do several rounds of gate and that will really make you feel like you’ve got a lot more breath I’m Debra divine for healingyoga.

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