Yoga for Grief

When we’re dealing with grief spending time and restorative poses is a wonderful idea our stress hormones are coursing through the body and by taking some time in poses that you’ll feel supported by it will be a wonderful way for you to help process some of these emotions one of my favorite poses is the elevated chest shav Asana pose. And we’ll be doing it a special way to deal with grief will take the bolster lengthwise on the mat or rolled up blanket rolled up towels. And then we’ll bring the bolster right up to the low back. So that the low back can be protected we have a blanket on standby here.

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And we use the arms to help us come down take the hips away from the ribs to create more space in the low back now this is a wonderful way to take elevated chest shav Asana. Because we’re opening up the heart we are creating some more length. And some more openness in the front line of the body that’s going to be wonderful for opening up and expanding the lungs. And then another wonderful way to experience the poses to use an extra blanket to add some weight and maybe you feel like using the blanket on the chest give you a little bit of extra groundedness.

And then after a few breaths maybe removing the blanket and feeling this wonderful sense of openness after feeling that weight on your heart I’m Deborah divine for healingyoga.

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