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Inversions are the nectar of immortality in our yoga practice we’re activating the pineal gland. And the pituitary gland and they’re supposed to be this Amrit this nectar of immortality that flows through the entire body giving you that beautiful youthful glow this is opposed that may work for you it’s a shoulder stand using a folding chair please be very careful and mindful to rest your weight on the shoulder shelf we get a bolster rolled up blanket.

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And we come up close to the chair we’ll get the shoulders on to our support here and rest the legs on the folding chair now we’ll press the feet into the seat of the chair and hold on to the front legs of the chair the knees the hips. And the feet are aligned and we’re pressing down.

And allowing all of the body weight to come up and rest in the base of the throat we don’t want the neck in a 90 degree angle we like to give the neck a lot of support give the shoulder shelf the bolster. So that we can bear the weight down here and we’re activating the fifth chakra as well this is the chakra that governs purity of the body the fukuda chakra I’m Debra Devine for healing yoga.

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