Yoga for Eczema

When you’re dealing with eczema. And you have a very itchy spot you don’t have to wait for yoga practice in order to deal with that discomfort you can use your imagination and create a little bit of imagery for yourself and use the breath and that will bring you a lot of relief right away we may have something going on on the elbow crease for instance.

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So we just get really grounded wherever we are pressing down into the heels and engaging the legs. And then we take a long slow smooth in-breath. And we direct that breath into the area that’s giving us a problem we’re breathing light and spaciousness in here.

And we’re soothing soothing that itchiness. And then we’re exhaling any of that itch enos down into the ground long slow smooth in-breath feel that light and spaciousness begin to take effect and again exhaling gripping and tension out of the area and all of that edginess and discomfort down into the ground continue to use the breasts whenever you’re having a moment where you’re really feeling uncomfortable and you’ll find that the breath can give you a lot of relief I’ve Deborah Devine for healing yoga you.

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