Yoga For Digestive to Keep Mind and Body Healthy

I’m a scarf I am David Earth welcome to Anand yoga yoga techniques for digestive problems. But there are sinister yoga nidra this is one of the very powerful practices for your abdominal problems it’s a mudra which is said awaken your Kundalini power Kundalini Shakti to go into what Rosanna Steve mudra first you sit in Vajr Asana then you form the fist of your fingers with the thumb inside.

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And fingers around the tongue keep both the first touching each other at on your lap touching the abdomen also now push your elbows behind shoulders behind take the face up take a deep breath in.

And exhaling slowly stretch forward and down taking care that your buttocks are not raised up try to touch the chin nose and forehead on the ground. And then slowly relax the elbows drop down closer towards the ground enjoy this wonderful pressure on the abdomen. Because of the fist keep breathing pay attention to your breath either by counting it or by feeding it at the nostril to come out again slowly bring the elbows back slowly start raising the face up head up. And then come back slowly to the Bedrosian position and release the hands and eat them on your laps.

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