Yoga For Digestive Problems

Thomas card I am David Earth welcome to Anand yoga yoga techniques for digestive problems hal Asana hello means blood the final posture of this awesome looks like a plough due to the shifting pressure on the abdomen the abdominal organs are regenerated and energized to go in huh Larsson bring both the legs closer to each other hands closer to your body palms on the ground now with the help of the abdominal muscles raise both the legs first straight up to 90 degrees read for some time. And then slowly push the legs behind and try to bring the toes closer to the ground resting on the ground stretch your legs away from the body.

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So that the chest. And the chin comes closer to each other then interlock the fingers of your hands and drop the hands down see that both the hands are resting on the ground close your eyes keep breathing enjoy this wonderful stretch for the back for the legs wonderful pressure on the abdomen then to come out force release the hands slowly let the back rest on the ground the next will come perpendicular. And then very slowly drop openness and relax.

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