Yoga for Digestion Sulabha Matsyendr Asana

Emma Skye I am David earth welcome to Anand yoga yoga techniques for digestive problems solo matsyendr Asana this is an advanced step of focus on yo your abdominal organs get even more massaged to go into solar machine rawson bring both the legs closer to each other straight in front hands by the side of your body back correct when the left leg keep the feed by the side of the right wing now bend the right leg slide the right feed from between the left leg and put the heel under your photography. But no weight on it now take the left leg on the right side of the right knee support the left leg with the left hand push it.

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And lock the right armpit and catch the tote I’ll take the left hand by the side in front look at it look at the left hand take a deep breath in inhale exhaling slowly start twisting and slowly bring the left hand behind and try to catch the right time the right inner thigh down the phase noisy impossible then close your eyes keep breathing enjoy this wonderful dress for the bag the aware of the squeezing effect of the atonement allow there doorman to relax you are either counting the breath when you feel like coming out slowly release the left hand as well as turn the face and bring your body in front and support the left leg with the left hand and release that I can and slowly release both the legs in front one by one and relax.

Yoga For Digestion Advance Exercise

Namaskaar I am David at welcome to Arnold yoga yoga techniques for digestive problems. But every partial kon Asana to go in this Asana you spread the legs about three and a half to four feet distance turn the left feet on the left side right feet slightly inside towards the left side spread the hands shoulder level when the left leg in the knee in such a way that the hamstring. And the calf form a 90 degree now take a deep breath in exhaling you twist yourself and bring the right hand down start taking the hand down behind the left feet and take the left hand up towards the left here keep breathing enjoy this wonderful awesome this arson will help you eliminate the waste from your system improves the health of the digestive system keep the breathing normal then when you feel like coming out you slowly release the hand and start coming back forced to the twisting position then straighten your back the leg is still in the same position then you straighten it up drop the hands down turn the feet inside. And then bring both the feet closer to each other wait for some time take proper rest a wonderful Arsenal that you have done enjoyed.

And then do it on the other side.

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