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Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to an endeavor yoga for insomnia insomnia is a state wherein a person finds it difficult to go into asleep or to stay into a sleep it is caused by various reasons it might be. Because of stress anxiety it might be. Because of common problems or it might be. Because of problems that you already have like a stoma or high BP the Assen that I am showing you will help you to cure all these causes and thereby cure insomnia but, if you are having specific problem like a stoma and high BP and that’s why the problem of insomnia then also check out the arsons from asthama and high BP or whatever problem you are having we preach Kearney mudra this mudra gives most from the benefits that are one Garson Pasha shaston can give.

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And it’s much more easier to do that those assets it helps you to reduce the effect of stress on your body so to go in this mudra bring your legs closer in the lying down position and with the help of the abdominal muscles start raising the legs up and back don’t allow the toes to touch the ground then you support your lower back with the hands once you feel that the support is steady slowly start raising the legs up and try to make the legs perpendicular to the ground the toes are pointing upward, if you feel you close your eyes or just keep staring at your toes keep the breathing normal blood flow will reach your upper body are to a brain it will help them to get relaxed the inverted position always helps your heart to relax then when you feel like coming out slowly again bring the legs back parallel to the ground. But not touching the ground release the grip and slowly start resting the back. And then slowly drop the next you can also do this mudra with the support of the wall. And you can see this in yoga with props you.

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