Yoga for Detox

Welcome and thank you for joining me for a healingyoga webisode on detoxification when we’re detoxifying it’s very important to focus on exhalation as an important part of this practice there are so many ways that the body is detoxifying we are sweating as a way to detox we’re also eliminating our bowels we’re eliminating through the bladder but, if you look at it on a pie chart the exhalations are far more detoxifying than any of the other organs of detoxification.

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So when we’re in our practice whether we’re engaging you jai we really want to work with exhaling completely, if we are working with Lions breath really working with completing the exhalation and, if you can feel the belly come to the front spine that is a wonderful indicator that the breath is done.

And it’s time for the in-breath to come so practice completing your own press whenever you’re detoxifying I’ve Debra divine kill yoga you.

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