Yoga for Depression

One of the most effective ways to help deal with depression is back bends and back bends don’t have to be a full wheel pose they can be supported and very easy you can take blankets or towels and fold them up to support your low back. And your whole spine maybe an extra one for the back of the neck. And the head. And we just find a way to keep our spine nice and long as we come back here let the legs come long let everything go.

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And then just feel this wonderful opening of the clamshell of the ribs its opening up of the ribs on the in breaths maybe waiting at the top of the in-breath for just a moment and feeling the fullness of life oxygen prana filling you up.

And then exhaling completely letting the belly fall down towards the front spine we’re opening up the clamshell of the ribs revealing the pearl of the heart in practices for depression we’re really trying to create openness on the front line of the body, if you’re having any challenges with your back you can just take your back bends more gently. But there are definite benefits scientific benefits to using back bends to help with depression I hope this practice is helpful for you I’m Debra Devine for healing yoga.

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