Yoga For Couples For Beginners

Namaskar I am- welcome to Onondaga couple yoga kappa yog ax or portland’s yoga is a wonderful way to reconnect with each other it also helps you to have closeness in the relationship you will find two different types of we use in the set in some posts you both will be performing one asset together or in some posts one partner is performing in arson. And the other partner is supporting just try this out.

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And feel the difference in your body as well as your relationships sooth the padang boost our Sun one in this you are helping a partner to stretch the backside of your legs so one partner is lying down with the legs closer to each other hands closer to the body or spread wide whatever she feels comfortable then one bend one leg bring it closer to the abdomen now you catch the heel of the partner catch the knee of the partner.

And from you try to bring the leg perpendicular to the ground you’re pushing the leg from here behind. So the leg starts becoming straight and then, if you want to increase the stretch slowly push the toes down which will increase the stretch the other partner can just enjoy the stretch by closing the eyes and relaxing the coughs are getting stretch the hamstrings are getting stretched the person who is stretching or pushing the leg should be sensitive and should know how much to push don’t go stretch on both under stretch. And then when you feel like want release or, if the partner says that she wants to release just slowly drop the leg first bend it and slightly give the pressure on the lean. And then release. And then you can do it with your the leg you.

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