Yoga for Constipation

Constipation can be a real problem as we get older and, if you have an opportunity to just take five minutes and do this very simple sequence you will find a lot of relief we come onto our back. And we take up an Asana this idea of lifting the right leg in towards the right belly, if you’re having trouble making contact between your thigh. And the belly you can take some towels and move the towels into the spaces. So that there’s a little bit of compression on the ascending colon we take a breath here exhale completely.

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And then we inhale. And come into a half happy baby so now we’re making a little bit of room on the ascending colon one breath cycle here. And then we come back to up in Asana squeezing the right leg in to the right side of the belly then that leg comes down. And we just massage the top part of the abdomen here the transverse colon. So we’re moving things along the large intestine then we come to the left side left leg comes up there’s a compression on the left side of the belly take a breast cycle here then we open out into happy baby.

So we’re moving the leg away from the belly giving the belly a little bit of room giving the descending colon a little bit of room. And then we come back again squeezing the left leg in toward the left side of the belly you don’t have to wait for your yoga practice in order to relieve your symptoms of constipation you can just get right down and spend five minutes doing some very simple moves.

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