Yoga for Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is a very challenging condition and nobody really knows for sure how it’s caused. But something everybody agrees on is that Yoga is an excellent way to manage symptoms I’ve created this very gentle backbend to help us get a little bit more energy there’s a bolster that’s widthwise on the mat you can use a rolled up blanket as well and a bolster that’s lengthwise on the mat.

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So we come up to the edge of the bolster supporting the low back with the knees bent. And then we press down into the legs. And we come up and over letting the arms come and supporting the head on the back of the bolster or on the floor we take five long slow smooth and complete in and out breaths. And we have this sense of opening on the front of the body creating lots of room for the lungs. And the heart optimizing our breath and there’s also a very gentle squeeze of the adrenal glands let yourself enjoy a backbend every day as a part of your chronic fatigue yoga practice I’m deborah defined for healingyoga you.

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