Yoga for Children

You must be kidding! Your child never stops moving. She makes a bumblebee look lethargic. Well, that’s what children do, they move around, and if you allow them, they will teach you just how creative yoga can be.

Marsha Wenig, creator of the YogaKids video and educational curriculum, says that when you are teaching kids yoga, you have to instill in them that they have roots and wings. “It’s important to grab their attention. You can’t teach yoga to children the same way you teach yoga to adults; it is too boring for their active minds, they want none of it. They expect a lot of creativity, little talk and a great deal of action. An instructor has to be very present and sensitive. You have to lead kids into the movement with things they can relate to. For example, when I teach the snake posture or cobra, I have the kids draw it, then tell me how it feels to be a snake. Before we do the pose, I ask them to show me how a

snake climbs a tree without any hands, and then imagine what the snake must be thinking. After that, they can’t wait to do the pose.”


What Matters

That children don’t always remember what you taught them on a given day, but they do remember who taught them and how you taught them.

Giving children simple directions.

That you give gentle reminders and not harsh criticism.

Remaining mindful that they are children and are most likely not interested in adult-style yoga. What Doesn’t

That children have a lot of energy or are eager to show you how to do yoga.

That children do yoga with regularity.

Source: Yoga Kids Facilitator Certification Program 1997 ©

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