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Namaskar I am livid at welcome to Anand Yoga Yoga for old age this course is specially designed for old age people who are not done exercising before or any yoga pitha it is designed keeping in mind the limitations of this age as well as the need of this age is tired.

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And feel the difference syllabi chakras now this arson can be done with the support of the wall or without the support of the one especially for this course I am showing you how to do it with the support of the wall, if you are standing with comfortable distance in your legs against wall your back is resting on the wall now you take your right hand first straight up and let it come closer to the year first you’re still the back is still erect. And now with the support of the left hand that is resting on the left leg we start going on the left side breathing is kept normal once you go on the left side see that your legs are kept strained don’t bend any leg and to improve the sports show try to take the hand which is up closer to the wall maybe it may not touch. But the efforts are there that it goes as much close as possible.

So this will improve the posture it will open out the chest more you can see a wonderful stretch on the side your eyes can be closed or, if you want to keep them open with the mobile keep the breathing normal keep on breathing enjoy the stretch for the side enjoy the expansion of the lungs enjoy the stretch for the spine. And then when you feel like coming out very slowly start coming back straight for stop once your body is rated then drop the hand down relax for some time just feel the effect of this awesome on your spy on your side on your loves get proper rest.

And then you can go on the other side also.

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