Yoga Excercises For Core Workout and Core Strength

Hi I’m Sean Miller Nicolette I’m a professional golfer and last time we spoke about physical balance. But today I’m going to show you some great core exercises the core is the most important part of the body it gives us stability and strength in the back so to ensure that we have a flat stomach we do a few yoga Asanas Norka sana or boat pose strengthens the core so first raise your arms up drop your body slightly backwards and raise your legs up in the air breathe normally tightening the core muscles and hold for about a minute uh Tanakh Asana will train the oblique muscles so similar to no Carson.

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But turn to one side. And the legs to the other. And then repeat on the other side. So we are training the external oblique muscles in this pose some Pat Asana or modern plank trains the entire code the rectus abdominis muscles from the upper to the lowest part of the stomach hold this pose for about a minute vashisht Asana or the side plan will again train the external oblique muscles which is the deeper lying muscle than the rectus abdominus in the front hold for 30 seconds to a minute on each side crunches done on an exercise ball are more effective than when they’re done on the floor item the core exhale. And come up inhale while you go down side crunches with a medicine ball will again strengthen the external obliques and ensure that you get rid of love handles stretch your back after this routine so try this core exercises at home and catch me on the next post.

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