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The relative neutrality of the ASC notion

ASC is our modern way of getting a deliberately vague understanding of what seems to be a common trait in most yoga cultures. The ASC notion does not give any value and purpose to what we are talking about, but makes it into something that we can inter-subjectively measure without saying exactly what it is. If a yogi adept claims that when she was in samadhi, there was an experience of non-duality, then the notion of ASC has no opinion about this interpretation of an experience. It can only confirm from measurement if this person actually was or was not in an ASC.

The notion then allows us to envisage metaphorically the ASC as physical core – like a seed – around which discourses and culture like yoga solidify. The yoga sign has a physical referent. The various historical yoga discourses have then given different description, definition, meaning, purpose and value to the outcomes and experiences of ASC.

Pull your sitting bones and buttocks back and apart with your Yoga eugene hands. Bring your arms in front of you, bend the elbows at ninety degrees, Yoga eugene and point your hands up. Hook your right elbow inside your left elbow crease. Intertwine your forearms so that the fingers of your left hand hook onto the palm of your right hand. Inhaling, lift from inside your chest and pull your upper arms back into the shoulder sockets. Lift your elbows up, keeping your hands pointing straight up. Remain like this for several breaths, then release and do the other side. CHAIR TWIST See 75.

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