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Accumulating symbolic capital.

The yoga discourse – unlike the Buddhist and Jain discourses – never managed to acquire a strong institutional base. Instead it provided a wide and heterogeneous cultural sub-system. Initially it was probably driven by the enthusiasm of amateur yogis among the Indian elite -especially the Kshatriyas. Among them there would have been some yoga professionals who struggled to turn yoga into a professional cultural field.

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Some of them might have lived on providing support for old people and suicide rituals.

This yoga meadow was constantly under change, as any biological habitat or species would be. Yoga locally often would become extinct so that new generations – like us moderns -would have to start again from scratch. In the long run, however, this varied and mixed meadow had the advantage that its lack of structure enabled start-up (religious) entrepreneurs to wander around, picking and combining their own clusters of ASC generators and discourses (as we see today). This bouquet of techniques and discourses – assuming that a person had the necessary charisma and favourable conditions to succeed (as for example Vivekananda and Krishnamacharya) – would ignite new yoga milieus and branches. In other words the ASC-generating practices – some of them called yoga – were in pre-modern times a path to holiness (symbolic capital), power (cultural capital) and economical survival conditioned by the field of yoga. They enabled people to become professional holy men and even community leaders. This feature of spiritual entrepreneurship, eclecticism and sea change is not only found in premodern yoga culture but is particularly evident in modernist popular yoga strongly conditioned by commercialism.

This back bend builds strength in the upper back, shoulders Yoga emoji, and arms, while bringing safe cervical and thoracic vertebral motion. Purpose: To strengthen Yoga emoji back extensors, move all vertebrae. Contraindications: Colostomy, spinal stenosis, anterior labral tear or SLAP lesion. Props: A yoga mat, a folded blanket, and a belt. Avoiding pitfalls: Come up into the pose slowly and with care to avoid a sudden extreme load on your neck or lower back. Lie on your stomach on a mat, with the folded blanket placed under your abdomen and your pubic bone on the mat. This will help to prevent lower back strain. Hold a looped belt in one hand, stretch your arms in parallel behind your back, and loop the belt around both wrists.

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