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The only thing that seems obvious is that those who had actual yoga knowledge in premodern India most often came from the urban and political upper classes – the elites. But how widespread was it among them and how much did it influence their daily lives? Was yoga just something they talked and wrote about but rarely practised? Was yoga only a theme for them in the final phase of their life? Was there any practical yoga movement worth mentioning among them or are we instead talking about short-lived outbursts of yoga driven by and limited to some few individual theologians and charismatic reformers? Ad 7.

Due to yoga's symbolic value and its close association to power discourses various groups intertwined it with essentialism, mysticism, and/or orthodoxy.

To address the issues of essentialism, mysticism and orthodoxy the rest of this chapter becomes more philosophical in character. Throughout history a wide and diverse range of social groups tended to mingle their yoga discourse with essentialism (a philosophy), mysticism (a religious outlook) and orthodoxy (an ideology). This was no coincidence.

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These three views interface easily with power discourses like yoga and actually function as amplifiers of social dominance. When combined the three outlooks typically crystallise into conservative political ideologies. Historically the Brahmins were probably the first social group to link yoga to essentialism, mysticism and orthodoxy. Their power position and associated caste society was solidified and reinforced by combining these three pillars into a religio-philosophical ideology. As we shall see, modernist yoga discourses – popular as scholarly – tend to reproduce this Brahmin ideology unwillingly.

Lean forward and use your hands on the chair as needed Yoga diet for stability. Firm all the leg muscles, and widen your buttocks and thighs, as Yoga diet in the Pressure Cooker see Lengthen your tailbone down and lift your abdominal muscles up to stabilize your pelvis. Resting your hand on your hip will remind you to keep the pelvis as vertical as possible. Once steady, carefully inch your right leg back behind you. The knee will remain bent as the thigh moves farther from vertical. 6. Breathe deeply as you reach back through the back leg; find the appropriate level of intensity of 73. effort.

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