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De-constructing the essence of yoga

The everlasting DNA of yoga

A dictionary will tell us that essence’ in philosophy is a set of attributes that makes an entity what it fundamentally is, and which it has by necessity, and without which it loses its identity’. Even if an elephant was pink, had lost a leg and an eye, we would say that essentially it is still an elephant. The essence of an entity is by definition eternal and unalterable. Essentialism’ is the belief in and the search for essence.

The philosophy guiding this book takes the opposite view. It is an evolutionary and process oriented outlook, found in Darwinism, genealogy and population thinking . According to this thinking, the attributes which configure an entity undergo permanent change. In the end a given entity would have changed so much that we decide that it is qualitatively different from the old entity. Entities’ are conceptual snapshots that we humans take of ever-changing processes. Philosophically one could say that this view is shared with the Buddhists, who also deny the possibility of essence and instead talk about dependent origination.

Let the wall work to increase the range of motion of Yoga denver your shoulder. 1In this somewhat constricting pose, work toward expanding from the inside. Purpose Yoga denver : To give a strong, supported stretch to the rectus femoris, iliopsoas, and the adductor group. Contraindications: Ischial bursitis, medial or lateral meniscal or anterior or posterior cruciate tear, knee effusion. Prop: A chair. Avoid pitfalls: As in all hip extension movements, when the leg goes back, the lower back may arch too much. Work into it, and contract and lift your abdominal muscles the whole time to support the lower back. Sit sideways on the front edge of a chair, with your left, thigh fully supported by the chair seat and your right leg hanging straight down off the front edge.

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