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Repeat several times on one side, with fluid movement supported Yoga collective by your breath. Repeat on the other side. ADHO MUKHA SVANASANA Stage II, Wall Yoga collective Dog See 63. This pose gives the torso a gentle stretch without bending the spine. FROG Purpose: To stretch and strengthen the hips and legs. Contraindications: Moderate or severe anterior cruciate or meniscal tears, chondromalacia patellae, profound weakness. Prop: A wall. Avoiding pitfalls: Keep your knees facing out over your toes.

Let us recall that constructionism is a crucial part of post-structuralist thinking. In this view signs like yoga’ get their meaning from the surrounding system of signs – not from their inner essence to be found in reality. Constructionism is a relational view about how meaning comes about: the meaning of signs is created through relations to other signs, according to constructionism. Accordingly, a physical book will not have the same meaning for Stone Age man as for us today. We will understand book’ in a context of signs like reading’, paper’, letters’, printing’, spelling, alphabet’, writing’ etc. We don’t know what Stone Age man would perceive – maybe a weird plant or a spirit – but certainly not a book’ as he lacks the surrounding sign system defining it.

Such a relational view implies for instance, that the sign kaivalya (aloneness) is defined by its relation to concepts within the Samkhya sign system (purusha, prakriti, tattvas etc), while nirvana (blown out) is related to and defined by Buddhist signs (suffering, wisdom, noself, permanent change). So in this view kaivalya and nirvana – even if they seem very similar – do not get their meaning from a common shared essence X or so-called mystical experience’ to be found in reality, according to Katz 381 . Instead they get their meaning from the discourses of which they are each part. In other words it is all the other core signs of the two different sign systems – Buddhism and Samkhya – which respectively give meaning to nirvana and kaivalya.

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