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Do not think that you can convert a fused spine to Yoga clothes an unfused spine by doing exercises for the unfused spine. You will very likely hurt yourself Yoga clothes . Figure 20. The fused segments of the ankylosed spine. Caution: If you are unsure whether your spine has fused or not, do not guess. If your spine is partially fused only some vertebrae adhere together, for safety’s sake it should be treated as a fused spine. Simple X-rays and a visit to your physician should clarify the matter. It is critical to determine this in order to select the exercises that will be best for you.

Constructionism denies the possibility of this. What does this kind of access to primitive brain centres really mean? What is the character of consciousness that is able to access pre-conscious non-conceptual states of mind? How can this be possible – consciousness observing parts of itself being unconscious?

Consciousness requires a subject and an object: it is about a subject being aware of something (a stimulus related to an object). Consciousness is a search lantern or torch being directed towards an object. The consciousness is itself that light. What is there to see in absolute darkness when the light is switched off?

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