Yoga Cleansing Circles and Twists

Yoga Cleansing Circles and Twists

This invigorating warm-up cleanses the internal organs and removes fatigue and stiffness from the hips, spine, and shoulders.

QUALITY Energizing EFFECT Cleansing PROPS Block GAZE Different directions

1 Begin in a seated position with your knees bent and your legs crossed. As you inhale, raise your arms above your head, looking up. As you exhale, rotate your chest to the left and place your left hand behind you on the ground or on a block and your right hand to your left knee (A). Sit up tall as you breathe into your belly. As you exhale, twist from your navel, drawing it in and up, and look past your left shoulder. Stay here for 3 breaths, sitting up taller on each inhale, and twisting and relaxing the shoulders away from the ears on each exhale.

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2 After 3 breaths, reach your left arm up and over your head, leaning to the right for a side stretch. Fold forward with your left hand to your right knee, and breathe into the hips and back of body. Inhale and rise up with your right arm under your left knee and arch your back, breathing into the back of your ribs. Circle your arms back up above your head, and exhale and twist to the right, with your left hand on your right knee and right hand behind you on the ground. Stay here for 3 breaths.

3 Come back to the center with your hands on your knees. Bend forward and to the right to begin making big wide circles with your spine (B). As you inhale, circle the chest forward, (C), and as you exhale, rotate it back (D), rounding your spine with your chin tucked toward your chest. Circle 9 times to the right, and then reverse and circle 9 times to the left. After the last rotation, raise your arms up and place both hands behind you and your feet on the ground in front of you with bent knees. Inhale your hips up and exhale strongly though your mouth, sticking out your tongue for Lion’s Breath (see Warrior Goddess, here ). Do this 3 times, and return your hips to your seated position.

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