Yoga Chant For Concentration Of Mind

A mascot and a vida and welcome to Onondaga Yoga for concentration concentration two simple words means absence of distraction a restless mind can never concentrate, if you want to concentrate it reduce the number of thoughts in your mind Yoga has various balancing arsons and pranayams which will help you to bring down the number of thoughts and cultivate the habit of concentrating on gar chanting sage Patanjali says thus say Huachuca prana wall that is ohm is the name of the coil. And you always start the session start your yoga practices with the name of the God.

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So to do the own car you say the normal cross leg position or are the bad mass in awkward muscle you have a deal mudra keep it on your knees the sound of o is divided into three chants the sound off or in and more.

So you close your eyes and take a deep breath in just feel the vibrations that this simple single old guard does the calmness that it gives end up your palms keep them on your eyes drop your hands down get open your eyes this chanting prepares your body. And the mind for the session you can start with three tons of old guard and take it up to 12 John’s.

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