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This philosophical conclusion is supported by experiments in social psychology. Social psychologists like Simon and Trotschel (2007) for instance conclude that introspection – a part of most yoga practices – is not a process of emptying the mind but rather a constructive process of putting together a coherent and acceptable narrative about the inner self’. By this they mean that yoga philosophy in this context provides (1) the tools for the construction and (2) the framework which defines what is acceptable and what is not acceptable to experience as a self. Thus the yogic consciousness of samadhi and kaivalya is perhaps more about selfmanufacturing than self-revelation: the realisation ofpurusha (pure consciousness), adhyatman (deep-self) or atman (non-duality) is not revelation but expectation.

Following the constructionism of Katz a second conclusion can be deduced. The different styles of yoga are not just about a subjective choice between various paths. Yoga rhetoric mostly says that the different styles all lead to the same ultimate experience’. However according to constructionism the rift between styles is deeper and more serious.

Firm your arm, leg, and spinal muscles, drawing Yoga by degrees into your core of strength. Widen your thighs, making space for the tailbone to curl Yoga by degrees downward. Stretch back through your legs all the way to the toes, being careful not to squeeze your buttock muscles toward each other, but press the whole pelvis down. Inhale, lift, and extend through one arm and leg on the same side. See Avoiding pitfalls above to determine which side you use. Wholeheartedly lengthen through your entire body. Remain in the pose until you are tired, then rest down onto the floor. Purpose: To use the thighs to help balance the pelvis and lower back.

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