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Props: A wall, a mat, and a belt Yoga burn . Avoiding pitfalls: Stay lined up with the wall as much as possible. Preparations for Yoga burn Both Stages Lie on the side of the thoracic convexity, with padding placed under your side and with your back against a wall. Bend your legs slightly. Extend your lower arm out along the wall, and prop your head up with your hand. Place your upper hand in front of you on the floor to help with balance. Have a belt handy for Stage II. Stage I Lift the underside of your ribs up off the floor.

To try to grasp the essence of such phenomena by means of physiology, psychology, sociology, economics, linguistics or any other study is false; it misses the one unique and irreducible element of it – the element of the sacred (Eliade 1958b).

In other words: the essence of yoga experience – its purpose – is to experience the sacred’, which is mystical. In this way Eliade gave hermeneutic-phenomenological scholars of religion and yoga a strong tool to reject any critical approach to the study of mysticism and yoga, as this could always be brushed aside as reductionism’. Today, following Foucault , we realise that it is a power discourse that Eliade established here. It seems to be a typical trait of mysticism that it creates a kind of immunity to critical dialogue. Hence I suggest we treat mysticism as an ideology or power discourse and Eliade as an important propagator of this.

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