Yoga Breathing Ujjayi

Pressing on the abdominal wall (partner exercise):

The same exercise with a partner, who place their hands as described above, after they have sensitively adjusted to the breathing rhythm of the other.

Pressing the rib cage together:

Place your hands on the side of the rib cage in the area of the lower ribs. On exhaling press the rib cage together, whilst breathing into the hands during inhalation.

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Pressing the chest together (partner exercise):

Partner 1 places both hands on the rib cage of Partner 2 in the area of the lower ribs and on exhaling presses the rib cage together, whilst on inhaling their hands adapt to the expanding rib cage.

Allowing the sternum to sink:

Whilst lying on the back allow your sternum to sink down on exhaling.

Pressing the sternum down (partner exercise):

Partner 1 lays on the back, Partner 2 presses carefully on exhalation with one hand that he has placed on the sternum of Partner 1, whilst on inhalation he allows the hand to move with the rising sternum

Vowel and consonant breathing

Speaking, sounding and singing, thinking and contemplating vowels or certain consonants have a relaxing and elastifying effect on the breathing muscles and lung tissues.

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