Yoga Back Stretches and Exercises for Upper Body and Arms

Welcome back, if you’re just tuning in I’m sure Mila Nicolette I’m a professional golfer and today I’m gonna show you some fantabulous exercises for your upper body to train upper body strength we need to work on the biceps triceps. And the muscles of the forearm. And the shoulders the deltoids some Tolan Arsenal inner balance trains the shoulders as well as the arms. And the core hold for about a minute. And then we moved to a Hudson Tolan Asin by raising one hand up towards the sky this will further strengthen the forearms and shoulders of the hand on the floor chaturanga dandasan is one of the most demanding poses for arm strength where the whole body’s weight is managed with bicep and core strength starting at some toll and start to bend your elbows and try to hold like a half push-up position and as long as you can to strengthen the biceps. And the triceps we use a thera-band placing the thera-band as seen in the post start perform bicep curls you can do about 15 to 20 on each hand exhaling as you draw the thera-band upwards for the triceps we do tricep extensions by holding the thera-band exhale as you move your hand upwards thereby strengthening the tricep you could do 15 to 20 on each side so try these exercises and check out my post on lower body strength.

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Yoga Best yoga stretches for ankle pain flexibility and strength

Hi my name is Asha. And I’m a yoga instructor in today’s post we’re going to focus on stretches for the ankle these are really good, if you enjoy doing a lot of running or activities that’s high demand on to the ankle this is going to stretch and make your ankle feel really nice let’s go ahead and start well start standing on to the knees take the right ankle in to the right hand you can bring your left palm as well onto the ankle.

And then begin to lift and pull the ankle towards your bum this feels really good take your right palm up to the toes keep pulling the foot towards your bum feel that nice stretch in the front of the ankle. And then you can release and do the same on to the other side first gripping onto the ankle to give it support holding onto the top of the foot with the other hand hire and release coming to sit on to the heels bring the knees together feet stay flat and big toes touching walk the palms back keep the chest lifted just stay here for a few breaths this feels really good you want to go a little deeper see, if you can come down onto the elbow. And then the other elbow. And then stay here, if you feel really nice you can come to lie completely on to your bolster this is really nice for the ankles gives it a beautiful stretch the best thing to do just to enjoy this pose are breathing deeply allowing the stretch to come naturally to come out of the posture come on to the pumps push yourself all the way up and return back up to how we started you can use any bolster or pillow or cushion or even two or three however you like I hope you enjoyed that and I hope to see you again on the mat to subscribe click here I’ll see you later bye.

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