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Over time we observe constant re-configurations of clusters of technologies demanding to be categorised as yoga. During the Tantric period there evolved many new technologies creating ecstatic and possessed ASCs. These techniques were entirely different from the calm-mind ASC generators. Often the Tantrics deliberately dismissed existing ascetic-meditative practices. Sometimes the new techniques were called yoga, but often not. Finally, there emerged mainly under modernity new technologies of stretching, moving and holding the body for prolonged periods. They also produced gentle states of ASC and soon they became incorporated under the yoga umbrella. Modernist postural yoga was born.

Numerous discourses have evolved to give meaning to the ASC and to define the associated technologies necessary to get there – yoga was one of them

Inner Body Bright: Allow yourself to softly expand from deep Yoga for back pain inside. Feel your breath and deepen it, allowing your natural radiance to shine out. Yoga for back pain This is both a physical action and a subtle energetic opening. Focal Point: A location in the body into which Muscular Energy collects to create stability, and out of which one expands with Organic Energy. There are three Focal Points, as illustrated on 311, and only the one that is most weight bearing and closest to the Foundation is active in any given pose. When you are standing or sitting, the pelvis Focal Point is active. When the weight is on the hands, such as in Adho Mukha Svanasana, the heart Focal Point is active. The palate Focal Point is used for inverted poses such as headstand and shoulder stand, which are not described in this book.

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