Yoga Back Bend Setu Bandha Sarvang Asana Bridge Pose Variations

Lay on your back with me band-aid and hip-width apart hand side to your body Hills near to him may can spine aligned slowly inhale and lift your pelvis now interlock your fingers and pressing your inner feet and arms actively into the floor push your tailbone apart to are the pelvis lift your butt up until the thigh are evolved parallel to the floor now catch your ankle, if you feel comfort do abdominal breathing now support your back with your hands lift pelvis more now different variation of Saito and Ozma now placing your right ankles near to your left knee making for light figure now inhale.

Yoga Back Bend Setu Bandha Sarvang Asana Bridge Pose Variations Photo Gallery

And strengthen your right leg towards ceiling or sky stay three to five breath slowly come back now repeat other side keep pelvis lifted shoulder and neck resting on the floor stay both side equal time then slowly come back now slowly slowly strengthen your both legs as comfort as possible keep your lower belly engage and movin slowly come back while Xing drop your hips need to change position upon us and as counter position of Sato Anderson Rowland apan Asana to relieve your back now Satan in astanga yoga system banned knees ringing feet into ours. But earth held together using elbow for support lip chest of flow tech pelvis and lifts hips apart rolling head. So that the balance is not on the head and feet as you roll on to head strengthen legs. So that they are extended fixed gaze on third eye hold five to eight breath and slowly come back and relax as contr again do apan Asana knee to chest position roll on your back to relieve any kind of tension sit in sukhasan inhale lengthen your spine while exhale bend forward relax and be relaxed.

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