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Take for instance Dennett. He by implication rejects the scientific validity of yogis’ reports of experiences, because in general he rejects the phenomenological method – used by yogis and religious scholars – as a valid approach for studying states of consciousness. Why? Because the yogic experience is maybe not what it appears to be – and there is no way of finding out. Dennett shows that countless neuro-psychological experiments show that the brain can be easily triggered into delusions. For instances, two separate spots configured in a certain angle illuminated with specific light frequencies will appear to the observer as a single spot moving between two positions. Hence when the experiencing subject makes truthful phenomenological reports about her experiences of a spot moving, we as outside experimental observers know that these experiences are delusional. Similarly, when the yogi reports mystical experiences in deep meditation – for instance turya and samadhi – these might be of a similarly delusional nature.390 Any textbook of social psychology will show that introspection can lead to self-fabrication as well as to self-revelation and it is impossible to tell the difference391. Hence according to the social psychologists Simon and Trotschel (2008):

Taken together introspection may be less a matter of excavating knowledge about oneself and more a constructive process of putting together a coherent and acceptable narrative of one’s self and identity. (P.95)

Lift the side of your ribs up away from the floor Yoga austin . Let your hips and legs remain on the floor. Press on a block if needed Yoga austin with your upper hand. Hold the side of your ribs up until your back feels tired on the convex side. Slowly release. Stage II Complete instructions 1 through 4 above. When you lift, as per instruction 4, lift your hips up as well, so that only your calves, ankles, and feet remain on the floor. Stage III Complete instructions 1 through 3 under Preparation for Stages I and II.

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