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Hi and welcome this is jena raynee generally yoga today I could be walking you through just some simple yoga stretches that you can do right power. So we send our deaths atendimento word Allah we tend to power over our computers typing all day long. So this these exercises are going to help just open up through the shoulders through the collarbones stretch out the neck okay so come to the edge of your seat and feel the feet flat on the ground about hip distance apart with my hands rest on your thighs and love the eyes flutter shuts take a big deep breath in through the nose and exhale out through the nose inhale in through the nose exhale big deep breath in exhale about so a lot of times more feeling tension or pain in our bodies the most important thing is to intend to feel better set the intention of feeling better now I want to feel good I’m willing to feel better take a big deep breath in exhale Bailey’s gently flutter open the eyes so to start to nod the head forward gently lift the chi I look up to the ceiling stretch through the front of the throat not the head forward Jeremy look up to the ceiling exhale mouthful inhale lift up your saying yes feeling good yes to feeling better now yes to feeling more at peace more at ease through our work day beautiful. And then start to not the head no side to side stretch to the sides of the neck we’re seeing no stress no to anxiety no to fear. And then start to gently tilt ear to shoulder. And the other ear to shoulder here to shoulder.

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And then nothing excellent hook your right arm onto your left knee. And your rack from the back of your seat just gently twist to the left feel the spine nice and long the hearts over top of the pelvis and out d3x helps us a little bit of warm. And you look over your left shoulder take one more deep breath exhale slowly release come back to Center and switch over to the other side grab on to the side of your chair with your right hand bring the left hand to the outer edge of your right knee and gently twist to the right and he’ll sit tall exhale begin to twist a little more inhale lengthen that’s fine exhale twist more start to look over the right shoulder, if that seems available excellent take one more deep breath and very slowly unravel unravel the arms let’s do some shoulder will sprinkle the shoulders up by the ears big juicy shoulder rolls enjoying the sensation and movies through the shoulders and go the other way are excellent.

So we’re at the end of our seats, if you should have some room behind you interlace your hands behind your back. And then start to squeeze the shoulder blades together really lift through the heart feel the collarbones broadening Rodney browning big deep breaths in maybe drop the head back slightly take one more deep breath exhale gently release beautiful so another area of the body that becomes tight from sitting all day is our hips we’re just going to do a nice gentle seated pigeon stretch. So, if you’re wearing pants shade you can opt wear your beautiful dress take one foot bring the ankle on top of the opposite leg. So we’re in pigeon legs seated so maybe start to gently press down through the knee feel that stretch through the IT band standing firmly through the left foot. And this might feel really good here maybe in the legs the hands at your back squeeze the shoulder blades together. And just gently move the heart a little bit closer to that way.

So we’re opening up a few different areas we’re opening up our shoulders we’re deepening the stretch through the hips take one more deep breath slowly lift yourself back up release the hands and very jump your movies back foot stand firmly onto the ground. And then switch whatever foot you didn’t use take out put the ankle on top of the thigh open up that. And you gently press it down so feel the spines Hall feel that nice juicy stretch interlace the hands behind you so maybe the funny fingers on top squeeze the shoulder blades together lift your heart maybe start to move the heart a little closer to that leg and relax the neck feel so release their feel that it’s time to let go of any stress you think that you’re clinging to it your job and allow it to just leave your body you don’t need to hold today you don’t need to manifest that stress in your body it’s okay to let it go it’s okay to leave it at work take one more deep breath gently lift yourself up gently release the arms release the legs.

And then just some of the knees from side to side shake them out excellent in your lace the hands right in front of you turn your palms forward to probably facing your computer press your palms to the computer a nice little stretch their risk your hands you want to come up onto your balls of your feet while you do this stretch out the ankles that feels pretty good and, if you don’t feel shy about lifting your arms to the sky in your office lift the arms up to the sky the nice stretch through full size of the body then relax the shoulders away from the ears take a deep breath in gently reach the palms over to one side keep both sitting bones pressing into your chair inhale come back the center over to the opposite side stretch through the side of the body take one more deep breath come back to Center bring the palms down through the computer screen and down to your lap and across the hands relax them roll out the wrist roll through the fingers go the opposite way. And then rest the hands back into the thighs let the eyes flutter shut three more deep breaths inhaling deeply exhaling slowly inhale exhale inhale exhale gently let her open the eyes once again I hope that as little me you’ll get your desk sequence leaves you feeling refreshed a little bit more open a little bit more light so any time that you need to release some stress come right back to this post leave me a comment let me know, if you enjoyed it how you’re feeling, if you’d like to see more you’ll get your desk let me know I’m happy to film some more posts just like this one so please subscribe to this blog. So that you’re the first to hear about all my new yoga posts that come out every smooth all week thank you so much for practicing with me at your desk have a wonderful rest of your day at work no must say.

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